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Vampires, I'm surrounded by vampires

So after working for a week in the Indian office with my (naturally) Indian colleagues I was finding the older 'all white American' motivational posters on the wall already jarring. The faces I see and value every day are not so pink ;). (it seems that this is going to get addressed soon)

In fact my only gut reaction on walking the street and the office was more of 'there are a lot of Indians here' (doh!). I seem to be pretty used to seeing Indians in the street in Antwerp, it's just the number which is surprising my unconscious mind.

The streets, and traffic chaos, remind me a lot of the more busy areas in Naples, I keep expecting to see a volcano on the horizon.

But a bigger shock for me was in store: Over the weekend I went shopping and while in Europe we seem to have 'tanned' models in adds, over here they go for the vampire look. All the adds seem to employ westerners, and very pale people at that, in fact most of them look sickly pale to me.

Who knew that the 'geek who shuns daylight' look would be fashionable over here ;)