pvaneynd: (Default)
2015-10-23 06:28 am

waisting some CPU time

Given some people having rainbow tables I'm now waisting a lot of cpu time doing:
for i in 2046 3072 4096 6144 7680 8192 ; do 
  ssh-keygen -G moduli-$i.candidates -b $i 
  ssh-keygen -T moduli-$i -f moduli-$i.candidates 
mv /etc/ssh/moduli /etc/ssh/moduli-normal
cat moduli-[23478]* > /etc/ssh/moduli
systemctl restart ssh.service
This should give me brand-new primes, used only by me. So even if 'bad people' spend a lot of time and money hacking the 20 odd 2048-bit primes distributed with ssh, I would be ... higher on their target list?