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you seem...changed

Just to multicast the links I've been sending to quite a few people who noticed something changed about me.

For the people who have not seen me recently: I used to weigh 50% more 6 months ago, my cholesterol levels also went from 'Borderline high risk' to 'good'.

I'm almost at the magical BMI of 25, only a few more kilo's.

So what is my secret?

Well I did what our great leader showed us: I followed the pronokal diet.

To be honest the main advantage of this over Fitness for Geeks or the primal approach is that it is done under doctors supervision and with pre-packaged meals which make the break from your previous diet easier.

The main point is: sugar is bad very bad for you. All carbohydrates are not good, and cutting them to <100grams/day does wonders.

For the visually inclined there are nice and very funny videos like Bit Fat Fiasco or a faster intro is Tom Naughton talking why people ignore normal diets.

My main problem now is to replace my clothes as they all are several sizes too big now, even the ones I got a month or two ago. That and getting a new user icon and directory picture ;)
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[identity profile] lnr.livejournal.com 2013-02-23 10:26 am (UTC)(link)
Wow, congratulations! I have to admit to being not a huge fan of cutting carbs that hard, but it definitely does seem to have good results for a lot of people. Best of luck for figuring out your best approach to maintenance!