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It combines the 'safety first' attitude of the Americans with the efficiency and organizational talents of the French.

To give you an idea: having a lunch appointment at 14:30 means: "you can come and queue at 14:30. People arriving after you, but who fit the table that just became free (ie. was empty for an hour and we finally got round to cleaning up) better will pass you by". Then they did not know about the non-allergic lunch options.


  • Don't go: other parks have more attractions and less long queues. We especially liked Legoland

  • If you still decide to go:

    • don't buy the tickets online, you can buy 'yearly' tickets for the same price locally, and anyhow: you still need to queue at the ticket office even if you have bought online.

    • stay at the International Camping at Jablines. The people are nice, it is in a quiet beautiful setting and not far at all from the park.

    • bring your own food. All the French people are picnicking in the park...

    • decide what you want to do, rush to the attraction and get 'fast-path' tickets. Then queue at the next item on your list.

    • If you do want to get the allergic menu: go to the fast-food restaurant that serves them. They are in the computer and the people will just be slightly confused as to where to find them. You can heat them with the microwave in the restaurant itself.

It's not that we did not enjoy the trip, but we liked other parks better...

The main good thing is that we found out that the meals-for-allergic people are from an French company: Natâma. The meals are 'delicious' according to our tester and keep for more then a year. Not only that we also found a shop selling this locally: Allergoshop.

It is difficult to describe how wonderful it is to have found these meals. The company clearly understands the problems of allergic people and the information they give is so clear and nice to read compared to other 'ingredients lists' that we had to check twice. For example they tell you that the 'lactic acid' in the list is from bacteria, not from milk (as it can be). Then they have a pretty long "never-used" list of ingredients.

When our tester then announced that he really liked it ("I can eat that again tomorrow? ... YES OH YES!!") we went and got a few meals. So now we have a solution for all those school-excursions in the next few years :-).


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