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Life has been busy recently. We came back from our holiday, bought a house the next day. Then we started fixing a few small things, I started breaking a lot of things to add coax cabling and cat5 wiring. At some time we moved (with a lot of help from our friends).

Current situation is that one room is ok, most of the others are still a mess. Some cables have been placed, a few others still have to be pulled. The big hole I made between the two floors seems to go into the Tardis (I keep adding cable, it goes right in but never comes out) and Clara is getting slowly insane by all the boxes everywhere. And yesterday we gave the keys of the old place to the new owners (a sad moment...).

At least cooking, sleeping, internet and the TV now work making it a bit more like 'home'.

Now to work and this afternoon I hope to finally put in the gig switches and be done with this time waisting cabling so I can help seriously.
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Last holiday I got a phonecall from my wife:

"there is a nice house for sale around the corner of work, can we go and look?"

"I'm at the zoo (children are yelling in the background), I cannot call"

"ok I will"

That was a shocking statement. She almost never calls. She only calls if we end up buying the house.

So we did.

So then we got to the 'selling of current house' part. Now we need quite a bit more paperwork for that. We did all of that, put the house on 'immoweb' (they are the market leader in .be it seems) on Wednesday. On Saturday there were a handfull of visitors and ... a buyer. (no agency was hurt or even involved in this)

So yesterday we signed the 'step 2 out of 3' deed and unless disasters happen we will move into the new house after a few very frantic weeks this summer.

Of course the new house is an improvement, but we regret having to leave our cosy house with the nice neighbors. The old owners tell us that the new neighbors are also nice, it is still in the same city but now we actually have room for the in-laws to stay with us without having to use stairs.

Now of to discuss color schemes again :)


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