Jun. 8th, 2009 07:22 am
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So yesterday I had to 'sit' at the elections. In the end I was the 'second guy' who double checks if you are on the voters lists, marks you and gives you the voting card.

In our district we vote electronically. We have a bunch of ancient PC's with light-pens and you insert the card, select the person you want to vote, confirm and then you get the card back. Then you leave the booth and insert the card into the urn.

Which then checks if you indeed voted (voting is compulsory, if you don't want to you have to select 'blanco') and that the card is readable.

Most of of other people were more or less willing to do the job so we had fun and interesting discussions. At one point the head mentioned that the paper trail (voting list, double entry of presence, stamping of cards etc) would be better done electronically. I obviously protested and was joined by a guy who does safety coordinator at the railroads. We both agreed that a copious amount of paper is the only good way forward unless you have serious equipment (multiple WORM installations, the whole HIPA/FDI dance).

The most popular votes was the owner of the local ice cream saloon who brought ice for everyone, thanks 'Glacé Joseph'!

All in all a nice time, and later on I was very happy to learn that most of the ~ 800 people I gave to cards did not vote for the censored VB anymore.


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